Let me explain what Canva is to begin with. Canva, the newest web-based design tool, bills itself as a way to make graphic design simple and allow those without graphic design experience or know-how to easily make flyers, social media graphics, and even logos.
 According to Canva CEO and co-founder, Melanie Perkins, the idea behind Canva is to make graphic design accessible to everyone. With trendy templates and typefaces, it makes it easy for amateurs to design content from their phones. Just insert your photo or use stock photos, add text, a filter, and done! You’ve got Instagram-able content!
I am a freelance graphic designer, I have spent a few years in the creative industry, firstly as a front end web developer then working small business side of things as an assistant graphic designer. 
It is actually thanks to my wife for discovering canva and explaining to me what it is. I have done a bit of research and used the program myself.  I have one thing to say to other designers and creatives resisting Canva.
If you don't embrace it, you are in for a downfall of customers and business opportunity's,  period.
The world will move forward and platforms like Canva will one day 100% replace what professional designers do today, and I would add, with the way technology is heading at the moment, that reality will come much faster than you can ever imagine.
Don't let your ego get in the way of your senses. If you're a graphic designer resisting this type of change, you're only digging a bigger hole for yourself. Either get onboard and embrace it or just move to a different industry, I know what I'm saying is harsh, but it's true.
Companies and people that resisted the change from film to digital in the photography world were left behind in the dark ages.
Anyone right now not embracing a digital future in their own industries will be wiped away in the next decade.
Canva may still not yet be an end to end professional graphic design solution right this moment, but can you say it won't be 5 years from now? What about 10 years from now? It's almost a certainty that this technology will mature to a point where it will match or outperform what the best designers are producing today. If you don't believe me, just take a look what Google, Mircosoft, Oracle and other companies are doing with AI and Machine Learning algorithms and look how far they've come. It's got to the point now where cars are completely self driving, and a computer can perfectly mimic human response on a phone call.
Take a look at the car industry, it took car manufactures literally decades to resist the change to EV's but all it took was one company to come along and completely revolutionize the industry. Now there are active plans in place to have the majority of cars on the road replaced with EV's within the next 2 decades.
Taxi's and Uber? Same thing.
For myself and my family, we are starting to think of ways to use this technology to scale our productivity, generate more customers etc.... otherwise I know we would be fighting a loosing battle if we didn't.
That is my 2 cents. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. 

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