How I came to be...
I started creating things when I was just a imaginative little guy. I enjoyed creating artworks and making things with my hands so much that I knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer/Studio Artists before I even knew what those terms meant. Along the way, my friends and family kept supporting and inspiring me until I became the artist I am today. I now believe I have honed my craft and skills so much that I am a sort of Jack of all trades when it comes to anything that can be imagined. 
I completed my Bachelors degree from Concord University Focusing on  Advertising/Graphic Design and I added a degree in Studio Art since I enjoyed making art with my hands and not just digitally! With now over 8 years of experience from Freelancing, Designing and Manufacturing, I believe I can offer a rare mix of abilities and understanding across the multi level requirements of the design and manufacturing industry. I believe that I am still learning in other types of subjects but I am lucky enough to of gained valuable experience from working as a Front-end Web Developer, a Graphic Designers Assistant working for a Photography/T-Shirt company and from being a Graphic Design Freelancer. Over time, I have enjoyed turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs for many clients and business's. Due to my mixed background in the world of design and crafting, I believe I can offer the full Designer/ Artist package that not many other designers can.  When I'm not creating, crafting or pushing pixels, you'll find me spending time with my amazing family, cooking, enjoying our local outdoors or carving something in my workshop. 

Check out my studio portfolio and you will see what all I love to do. ​
Also get ahold of me if you have any questions or are interested in any creations by contacting me below.
Thank you!
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