Hi! My name is Lucas and welcome to my studio! 

With a background in Studio Art and Graphic Design but a lifelong love of woodlands and wilderness, I started teaching myself woodcarving in early 2017 as a way to spend more time outdoors in wild and wonderful West Virginia. 
Using only the tools that I already had, my axe and a knife, I began carving wooden spoons from wind fallen trees and branches that I would find and forage. 
 After a few months, a ton of side projects completed and a new appreciation for carving, I decided to open up my own store!
Featured Store Items
Black Walnut Cooking Spoon $20
Black Walnut Cooking Spoon $20
Custom Low-Poly Pet Portrait $25
Custom Low-Poly Pet Portrait $25
Wood Balancing Stones $20
Wood Balancing Stones $20
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Lets Start with the first question.
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